We want to hear from you!

If you have questions, feedback, or want to share ways your community is changing their ways and not the climate, please use the form to the right or email us to share away. We are so excited to collaborate and make an impact together. Check out some of our commonly asked questions below as well!

What does C3 mean?

C3 is the shortened version of our full name - The CounterAct Climate Change Project!

Why are C3 webcasts about climate change important?

The topic of climate change can seem overwhelming and, sometimes, unbeatable. Our webcasts put everyday people in touch with experts from all walks of life who put the issues of climate change into perspective. They make the resolution seem more attainable through educational presentations on the small and big ways individuals can make a difference. If we are going to heal our planet, everyone has to know they can play a role and it does not have to feel hopeless. 

How do I get involved with C3?

Come to our webcasts and contribute your ideas during the Q&A. Think of it as a refuge for each of us, a place we can all lean in together, to support one another and offer ideas and encouragement. Email us; we want to hear from you. Each of us can and will make a difference.

Can I suggest speakers for C3 webcasts?

Yes, please! We would love that. 

Do you accept guest posts for your essay section?

Yes, please use the form on the right to introduce yourself and we can review accordingly.